4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Leaflet Print Marketing

While many people turn their full attention to digital marketing, print marketing remains a powerful way of getting your message out to the world. Companies of all shapes and sizes use the power of print to inform customers of new events, sales, and products, and to build a better brand following. Leaflets are a particularly popular form of print marketing since they are convenient and economical to produce and can reach a wide audience.

But to be effective, leaflet printing should follow some simple guidelines in order to maximise return on investment. Many people assume that flyer printing and leaflet printing is easy. It’s not difficult, but mistakes can be made. Make sure you don’t fall into the following print marketing traps.

1. Putting Too Much Into the Leaflet

A leaflet or flyer is an effective advertising and marketing medium when it is used to highlight one specific issue, event, product, or service. Putting too much onto the leaflet overwhelms the reader and means that people will be less likely to actually read it. Don’t think you have to appeal to everyone. This doesn’t work in digital marketing and nor does it work in print marketing. Make your message specific and tailored to an audience you want to market to.

2. Spending Too Much

One of the best things about leaflet printing is you can get it done for a relatively low cost. So don’t think you need to spend a fortune on flyer printing since you can usually get high quality for an economical price. However, that’s not to say that bargain basement prices mean the best service. You do need to look at the quality of the paper and the printing, and the efficiency and convenience of turnaround and customer service. It is a balance between getting a good value printed product and making sure that you are also not spending more than you need.

3. Not Sticking to Brand

Your leaflets and flyers are as much of an integral part of your marketing strategy as you website and your logo, so make sure that you do not present a conflicting or confusing message to clients and customers through your leaflets. Be consistent with your brand image, using the same colours and logo, and sticking to the same brand ethos.

4. Not Appealing to Your Audience

Build your leaflet campaign around a specific audience so that you know you are appealing to the right people. The beauty of leaflet printing is you can, if you choose, run a campaign for the same service or product but adapt the leaflet design and content for different audiences. You can then choose where you will distribute the leaflets to the correct audience. It is a mistake to design a leaflet that is going to miss the mark in terms of audience. This would be a waste of money on your part.

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