A New Spirit Of Progress And Free Enterprise Is Animating Afghanistan
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deliver reliable wireless service to even the most remote regions of the world. It does take a special kind of person, equipped with more than average resourcefulness and bravery, to make a go of restoring and uniting the digital communications network of a country that has been torn and frayed to the very roots by more than four decades of nonstop civil war, domestic terrorism, and multiple foreign invasions. At a time when a major miracle is needed, something remarkable is happening.
A Whole New World Of Opportunity Is Opening Up The Country
As it happens, a whole new world world of opportunity is opening up the country of Afghanistan at a time when many of its most devoted friends and allies had all but written it off as a failed state and a hopeless quagmire of despair and violence. Indeed, a new breed of entrepreneurs and business minded minded professionals, many of whom are returning refugees, are doing their part to restore Afghanistan to its rightful secure spot in the great commonwealth of nations. So far, progress has been slow but steady.
Native Sons And Daughters Are Doing Their Part To Restore Order
It should be understood that, for Ehsan Bayat afghan wireless is more than a side line or tax write off exercise. And Mr. Bayat is only one of a whole new breed of native sons and daughters who are returning to aid their beleaguered homeland in its hour of greatest need. It is this newly returned flock of former refugees who are leading the way toward recovery, progress, and prosperity. The hopes of the future rest on these brave souls, and there is still much work to be done before they can even begin to break even.
Why Wireless Communication Can Help To Transform A Struggling Nation
The advent of wireless communication and the world wide web in the nation of Afghanistan is a factor that is destined to play a transforming role in the history and forward progress of this war torn nation. By enabling citizens in all parts of the country to communicate with each other on an instantaneous basis, the Internet enables them to begin considering themselves as once more part of a coherent, rationally organized territory, rather than a series of disconnected fiefdoms randomly dotted across the land.
Why Wireless Communication Is Vital To The Future Of Business
Just as wireless communication is extremely important in helping to reshape the scattered notion of nationality among the people of Afghanistan, it is also crucial when it comes to the matter of helping these newly liberated citizens to form new companies and business ventures. Encouraging the spread of free enterprise throughout the country is an excellent means of teaching people the value of self reliance, hard work, and engagement with the world outside of Afghanistan.
All of the above listed qualities were in short supply during the Soviet invasion and subsequent reign of Taliban terror, making it all the more remarkable that they have now begun to resurface in full strength and with such overwhelming variety. Perhaps the most important lesson to take away from the example of Afghanistan is the sheer invincibility of the human spirit.


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