Do glasses make a good businessman?

A successful businessman is astute, well informed, sharp, perceptive, and knows how to wear a suit to look smart and distinguished. Most would agree that the right pair of glasses can help to achieve this look. And not only do glasses make you look more intelligent, academic or bookish, research has shown that glasses can make you more likeable and appear more trustworthy and successful – fundamental qualities for any businessman.

Choosing the right frames

The right color frames can accentuate the eyes or hair color and will complement the complexion. Bright, colorful frames can present a strong, outgoing personality, but be sure to try lots of different designs before making a decision. Perhaps you will choose more than one pair to suit different occasions, a pair for work and a pair to wear outside of the office. As well as the color, the shape of the frame must suit your face shape – for example, drawing attention to a strong jaw-line. The right glasses should make you look and feel attractive. If you are happy with your appearance and feel professional, this will be reflected in your demeanor and body language, meaning you are more likely to secure that gig or close that deal! So it seems that glasses can make a good businessman. After all, your face is the first thing that people notice, and with full-framed, distinctive frames, those you meet cannot fail to be drawn to your eyes and therefore make eye contact with you – crucial in a business deal.

Contact lenses

Having the choice of whether to wear glasses or not is absolutely essential for many. Glasses can be prohibitive when it comes to physical activity and sports, and many like the option of being able to wear contact lenses for freedom of movement, safety, and better all-round peripheral vision. Many people also feel more attractive without their glasses; women in particular are more able to wear the make-up, hairstyle, false eyelashes, or accessories they choose without the restrictions that glasses can bring. Sometimes, glasses can feel cumbersome for a variety of reasons, such as when the face is wet or sweaty in hot weather, when the lenses fog up in damp conditions, or if the frames irritate the face, nose or ears.

For those that dislike glasses and find contact lenses uncomfortable or not a viable option, some people may opt for laser eye surgery at such places like the Lasik practice in Chicago. There are a number of techniques available that can eliminate or reduce the need for corrective glasses or contact lenses, so discuss your individual prescription with a qualified practitioner to get an idea of the treatment that would be suitable for you.

After all, having the option as to whether or not you wear glasses is ideal. Your glasses could be your ticket to an alter ego, an instant transformation, or a way to present a different side to your personality. You can look professional in the office, complement a designer suit with designer frames, or add a touch of seriousness to a situation. Perhaps you will choose retro or vintage inspired frames, a square 1960s style, or modern, state of the art, screw-free hinges and ultra-light frames. Then, contact lenses can offer you the freedom to go scuba diving, skydiving, or night clubbing in your most outrageous outfit outside of work hours!


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