How Marketing Has Affected The Gaming Market?

Gaming and Marketing go hand in hand and have many similarities, and most importantly that they are both heavily technology reliant. Due to this, they go hand in hand and both have been able to benefit off each other and with the surge in popularity that gaming has shown in recent years, we wanted to investigate as to why and how marketing has played its role in this boom for gaming.

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One of the main reasons why marketing has been able to be an influencer on the gaming market is that the gaming industry has adopted a new form of game sales through digital market rather than the sale of physical copies of the games in disk form. Due to this, game have been marketed more frequently online using their gaming channels to further push the narrative to purchase the digital version of the game rather than the physical copy. This has only been able to happen due to the improved internet speeds, larger memory shown on consoles and lower traffic going into gaming stores.


Other digital formed games that have also been able to benefit from marketing is that of the online casino’s world here at CNOG. Like gaming, online gambling has also become big business during recent times as many have been looking for alternative forms of entertainment whilst in this pandemic and these types of non gamstop casinos have provided the perfect way to keep entertained, and even with the chance to bring home a profit.


Another marketing technique that has changed the way we look at the gaming market forever is the new free-to-play model is the new narrative that many game developers are adopting now due to the success that it has shown on games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone. This is because these types of games might be free, but the in-game purchases that are available seem to be the revenue driver for these types of game developers and have been highly lucrative over the past couple of years as everyone wants to have the best-looking character, right?


Furthermore, mobile games are now being advertised on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the mobile gaming sub-sector of the industry has really been the leading force behind the expansion of the gaming industry during recent times. Mobile gaming is now at the forefront of the gaming industry due to many of us consumers now being so reliant on our smartphones. With social media apps being some of the most visited websites online, marketing games on here has been a clever idea.


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