How to Create the Perfect Personalised Company Giveaways for Your Events

Launching a product, service, business or event is a serious task. It involves a lot of steps including conceptualising your company’s branding and doing market research. After completing the initial steps, you need to find ways you can spread the news about the launch, so your efforts won’t go to waste. This is where brand merchandising comes in.


You might have experienced brand merchandising at one point in your life. For example, you might have seen a shirt that reads “Best Pop Ever” with a bottle of Coke next to it. If you frequently travel, you might have seen someone’s luggage covered with Airline stickers.


Brand merchandising is one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness. Businesses, personalities and event organisers make use of this marketing technique to place their branding on items that their target customers use.


When done right, using brand merchandising can help you gain exposure for a lower cost. If you want to try using brand merchandising, use the tips below so you can maximise the benefits you can get out of your giveaway items.


Check the design and content


No one will want to wear or use your branded merchandise if they don’t relate or agree with the message. As such, you must double check the design and content before you mass produce your personalised merchandise. Anchor your message on your company’s values and goals. See to it that your message won’t cause offense to any individual or group.


Make sure you have a game plan


Aside from ensuring that you send the right message to your prospects, you also need to have a good strategy. Find out more about your target customers, research the costs of producing the items you want for your campaign, and plan how and when you will distribute the items. By doing so, you can reap more benefits from your brand merchandising campaign.


Pick the perfect item


Finding the right product is also a crucial part of your brand merchandising campaign. When you choose a giveaway item to use, consider the demographics of your target consumers. How old are they? What are the things they like? Knowing more about your prospects allows you to provide giveaway items that they will truly value and use.


Don’t get too excited to mass produce


Newbies in brand merchandising are advised to start their campaigns small. Request a small order to test your market. By releasing limited products, you can have a more accurate estimate for the next order. This will help you save money and launch laser-focused campaigns.


Avoid adding too much information on the item


Choose to be subtle when it comes to designing the items you will hand out to your prospects. Don’t put too much contact information because it might discourage your target customer from using the item. Go for a clean and simple design that highlights your logo, company name and your message. You may also add QR codes or a website URL so your target customers can get to know more about you.


If you haven’t tapped into brand merchandising yet, you should consider doing it. It’s one of the most inexpensive and effective ways you can spread the word about your offers and your business. There are plenty of items you can use as giveaways and thousands of brand merchandising vendors who can help you with whatever ideas you have in mind.


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