Is Streaming Changing the Internet as We Know It?

Throughout the start and middle periods of 2020, there had been a number of warnings from different ISP’s that the increased number of users turning to video-on-demand and other streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube had been having an impact on the internet as a whole – with huge numbers contributing from all over the world, some measures had to be taken to restrict quality and bandwidth options to ensure that fair usage for all could be found. Even following, many ISP’s have had struggle keeping up with the continued to demand found from a more permanent change to working from home and those still finding increased streaming usage. But is streaming as a whole changing the internet as we know it?

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It’s a tough question to answer in its entirety, as while use has certainly dropped somewhat from the peak of the pandemic period, there is a growing reliance on other aspects of online streaming particularly with the rise of things such as esports and supporting markets through betting on sites such as – with suggestions that major sporting events may also start to transition away from typical TV channel deals over the next few years as broadcasting contracts begin to expire, we could see a very different climate for streaming, and much higher usage figures too.

The good news, however, is within the change this could bring – with networks struggling over the past year it can certainly lead to more innovation to allow for more robust networking with a higher capacity, this is something being seen already in the mobile market with the introduction of 5G to overcome some of the barriers that have stunted growth from 4G. With a growing reliance of sharing software such as Zoom in particular; this may be a vital change to allow the working from home adjustment that has been sought after in a more permanent basis.

The other consideration is that this change was truly unprecedented and unlikely to happen again, and investing resources into figuring out how to create a more stable base may be a waste of resources that could be directed elsewhere – either way, there will need to be some future proofing to ensure that as the entire world becomes more digital and more reliant on the growing number of online services made available to us, as although the near future may not hold another similar event again, strain on the available networks as we know grows year by year, and will likely not slow.


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