Questions to Ask Your Payroll Service Company

Your business here in the UK is growing; you’ve added more employees, your profits are increasing, but you don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to do all that you need to do as a business owner. Are you failing to provide exceptional customer service due to your work load? Do you fail to keep vendors, stakeholders, and clients informed of matters vital to their knowledge about your company? It’s time, if your answers were yes, to find a payroll service here in the UK that can handle your payroll duties so that you can run your business smoothly and without stress and frustration. As you begin the search for a payroll provider make a list of questions that will lead you to the perfect match for your business needs.

  1. When you meet with a company, see if they listen to what your needs are or if they continually talk about what they can do for you. When looking for payroll services UK firms offer a wide array of services, so make sure they listen carefully to your questions and help you to determine exactly the services that you need.

  2. Can they provide you with expert advice and accurate payslips and reports that will keep your company in compliance with government regulations? You need a team that is up-to-date on the latest laws governing your business so that you won’t have any fines or penalties for late submissions or errors.

  3. Do they have the set of services that you need? You can use the website as a valuable tool to help decide what you need so you won’t hire or pay for services that aren’t appropriate for your type of company. Review the choices that they have and pick the ones that will best serve your organisation.

  4. What happens if they make an error? Who will bear responsibility? Payroll service companies pride themselves on their accuracy but sometimes mistakes are made; it’s important to know how the company will handle this type of situation.

  5. Will the company use only UK banks to route money? You should ask about the entire process so that you’ll understand what happens from start to finish with your payroll services.

  6. What does their customer care programme look like? Once you sign a contract with them you want the best in service that you can have. Ask if you’ll deal with the same person each time or how your account will be handled. You must also discuss the charges for the services, when payment will be due, and if you can receive any discounts for early remittance.

When you offer feedback to your payroll provider they should listen carefully to your suggestions and make changes accordingly. By asking a number of questions before they begin working for you, you’ll be able to eliminate a lot of potential confusion with any service provided.

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