Why you should learn to trade Forex

Once you have learned the simple basics of Forex trading, you should consider whether to trade in Forex or should spend your money and time in thestock market. It is important that you not only remember the size of Forex, which is, compared to the stock market, the size of a big crocodile, you should also know about the benefits and cutting-edge features of Forex which have made it more universal for competitive financial market trading.

The benefits of Forex trading’s are many. Some of the edges of Forex are talked about in this article. Let’s get into the details.

No extra fees

As you have known about the stock market trading, you have to give taxes to the government. There are some certain fees about trading into certain company’s and also there are clearing fees and brokerage fees. You will find yourself in a bottomless basket in other markets, your earnings will be excluded by many fees. One of the main reasons Forex is so much popular is that, because of the exclusion of such fees. There are no brokerage fees, no government taxes, no clearings, and exchange fees in Forex trading whatsoever.

No liaison in Forex

In Forex, middlemen do not exist. You are the direct buyer and seller of your trading process. Forex gives you complete control over your trade. If you learn to find the direction of the trend in a precise way, you can easily make a profit. On the contrary, if you make a wrong decision, you are the one who will pay.

Without limitation lot size

The size of a Forex lot is not limited. You can start your trading even in the trillion dollars Forex market with your small 10-dollar account also. However, before you take the trades, you should visit https://www.home.saxo/en-sg/products/cfds and learn more about the trading conditions. Try not to trade the market with high risk as it will pose a great threat to your trading career.

The benefit of interchangeability

One of the most expected edges of Forex is its high liquidity. The possibility of converting profits into cash easily. You will never have to wait for a trade to open as you are in the position to buy and sell from your computer. This market is also gigantic. This means that you will likely never beattached to a trade.

Low processing cost 

Compared to the other market of the stock exchange, you will find that the fees for processing Forex trading are very low. These low fees of Forex attract billions of buyers and sellers all around the globe, which has ultimately resulted in having a trillion-dollar market that is much bigger than the stock exchange.


A 24/7 Market 

The Forex market is always online, going in full swing. It does not rest like other markets, nor does it have break times. The market is always online. Anyone can access it from anywhere at any time. The Forex market is always trading and processing trades of billions.

Though the market will be open 24×7, you should still trade with a routine. Try not to get addicted to this market because it always leads to overtrading.

Independent Market Force

Forex is an independent market. Its size is so large it is not possible for anyone or any company in the world to control the market. It hasspread worldwide and is like a giant web of trading processes. No one has the power to control the price movement of a certain asset. So, if you do the market analysis properly, you are most likely to make a profit.

Power to the Trader 

Forex trading gives the ultimate power to the trader. He can decide at what amount to sell his bids to make a profit and can even take steps to minimize his risks to stop losing money. A trader can also automatically close their trade once it has reached a certain point to make a profit or to stop losing money. Forex gives traders the choice to control their trade.



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