3 signs you should invest in digital signage

Signage plays a crucial role in shop design. It can be used to inform customers and to entice people into making purchases. It also has an impact on the overall look of your retail unit and on the impression people form when they set foot through your doors. Up to this point, you might have relied on printed signs. However, if any of the following three points applies to you, it may be time to make the switch to digital signage.

1) You’re wasting time and money changing your signs

Printed signs certainly have their uses, but one of their main drawbacks is the fact that whenever you want to update the information you display to customers, you have to replace these messages. Especially if you change your signs on a regular basis, this can be a major waste of time and money. For example, during sales seasons you might find yourself continually ordering new prints, and whenever you change your stock or reorganise your store, your signs may have to be replaced.

Point of sale specialists CJ Retail Solutions point out that one of the major benefits of digital signage is the fact that while there may be some upfront investment in the hardware, this technology allows retailers to amend their marketing messages at the touch of a button. As well as saving money on print, this also removes the hassle associated with installing and managing temporary fixtures.

2) You struggle to react to events

Struggling to react effectively to current events is another indication that you may benefit from swapping to digital signage. Perhaps relying on printed in-store messages means you can’t change your marketing material to reflect breaking news stories, changes in the weather or anything else that may affect your customers. This can be frustrating and it may stop you from achieving the sales levels you want.

With digital signs, you can overhaul your marketing material in an instant for minimal hassle and virtually zero expense. This makes it easier to capitalise on ongoing events to drive up sales and more generally to inform consumers.

3) Your stores lack dynamism and personality

If you think your store looks a little dull and is lacking in dynamism, now could be the time to rethink your signage. OK, so a whole range of other factors affect the appearance of your outlet, including its décor and general layout. However, the signs you use do have a huge impact on the look of your shop and on how successfully it appeals to consumers. Printed signage can be attractive, but it will never be as interesting and engaging as its digital equivalent. As well as providing changing text and images, you can use your digital displays to showcase videos. You can also make them interactive, giving shoppers the chance to get more information on your products.

So, by making the switch to digital signage, you stand to save money over the long-term, drive up sales and improve the look of your store.  


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