5 Unique Niches for Freelance Graphic Designers

As you’ve probably figured out, being a freelance graphic designer means competing with a lot of people to land a gig. It’s an extremely saturated market where you need to stand out from other graphic designers.


How do you do this, especially when you’re first starting out?


You choose a niche.


Choosing a niche means you are an expert in that industry. You know exactly what your client needs and expects from you. They can count on you to deliver high-quality designs for just what their business needs.


While there are the common niches such as ebook design, social media graphics, and book covers, to better gain clients you’ll have to choose a niche that not many other graphic designers specialize in.


Real Estate Material

Just think about how many real estate agents, developers, and property management companies are out in the world. A lot!


If you narrow down your niche to one of these three, you’ll definitely have your work cut out for you. From designing business cards to flyers to brochures and even subdivision entrance signage, you can count on big real estate players to use your expertise.


Recipe Books

Sure, a lot of people use their phones to look up recipes online, but recipe books are still popular, especially amongst passionate home cooks. However, the recipes and pictures don’t just magically show up on a printed page; they’re designed by a graphic designer!


If you love food and want to incorporate it into your freelance work, designing recipe books is an awesome niche for you to make your living. You can narrow it down even further by designing only baking, vegetarian, or vegan recipes.


Restaurant Menus

Every restaurant needs a menu, whether it’s printed or online. It’s so important for a menu to be attractive while clearly stating what items are available and their price. As a graphic designer specializing in menus, you can choose which type of cuisine you want to work with.


From Italian, Asian, Greek, to American or simply only working on cocktail menus, you will find plenty of work from new restaurants in need of a fresh menu design.


Personal Trainer Material

Personal trainers are always in need of good graphic design work to advertise their services, especially if they are independent and don’t work with a gym. You can be a personal trainer’s go-to graphic designer when you enter this niche.


Design workout program books, meal plan templates, social media graphics, brochures, and more to help personal trainers attract new customers and keep current customers happy with their brand.


Cosmetic Packaging Design

When you order a makeup or personal care product, you want the packaging to be chic and a little fancy, right? You can make this possible as a graphic designer who specializes in designing cosmetic packaging!


Work with high-end brands or small business owners making their own cosmetic and personal care products to effectively communicate their brand and quality of the product through your beautiful designs.



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