6 Common Causes of Car Accidents You Must Know

Involving yourself into a car crash can be scary because it can lead to your serious injuries. Car accidents can be so far that it can even cause the death of a person. There are several factors that can lead to a car accident. By knowing all these factors you can prevent them and protect yourself from getting involved in car accident hassle.

Distracted Driving

One of the major causes of car accidents is distracted driving. Today, you will find many teenagers driving a car which is the biggest factor that leads to car accidents. Sometimes drivers get distracted on call or text due to which he loses his balance, which gives way to car accidents. Moreover, distracted drivers sometimes also run a red light or blow through a danger or stop sign.


Reckless driving is another major causes of thousands of car accidents every year. When a driver drives a car on high speed he loses his ability to react suddenly and an incident like a car crash can take place. Drivers who ignore the speed limit, put their life themselves into danger because it increases the risk of getting involved in a serious car accident.

Drunk Driving

when a driver has consumed an excess of alcohol, and he loses the ability to balance the car and a car crash can take place. If you have involved yourself in a car accident in which the accused is found guilty of drunk driving, you should seek the help of a Rochester car accident attorney.


Natural reasons

Bad weather is also one of the major reasons for car accidents. Heavy rain, snow or hails can cause the car to collide easily. Your car can skid while braking or can completely be out of your control. Though you cannot control nature, you can protect yourself by maintaining a safer speed and distance from another car while driving.

Running Stop Signs

Most of the people are find because of running a red light or stop sign every day. However, if you don’t stop on the red light or stop signs, you can face a car accident. You should drive with caution by looking at both the ways and always stopping at stop signs.

Teenage Drivers


Most of the parents allowed their teenagers to drive a car. These teenagers lack experience in driving a car, therefore due to their reckless driving they can involve their self into car accidents. Even, cases of car accidents by teenage drivers are increasing these days. Before giving your teen permission to drive a car, make sure you tell them all the important things that he needs to keep in mind while driving. Spend your time in teaching your team safety rules. In this way, you can save your child’s life and prevent car crash cases.

Due to any of the above-stated cause, if you have involved yourself in a car crash, you should consider speaking with a car accident attorney. Only an experienced car accident lawyer will help you in settling down your case and if the accident happens because of someone else’s mistake, he’s the one who helps you getting compensation.



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