6 Tips on How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Businesses often check their conversion rates to find out how much progress they are making in their sales. You want to see your conversion rate keeping going up so that your business can be taken to a new level. But, when your business starts to get stagnant and you keep seeing the same sales number, it can be frustrating and you feel like you want to give up on it. The following are some tips on how to improve your conversion rate.


Make Improvements on Your Products

Sales don’t happen because there are some improvements that need to be made on your products. Go through the reviews your customers left you about your products and make those changes. Ask those around you about their opinions on your products and get suggestions on what you can do to make the improvement. When you want to introduce a new feature, you can first give away samples and get feedback. If you get positive feedback, you can launch the new feature for your product.


Have a Good Website Design

The design of your website can play a role in influencing people to make a buying decision. To impress your customers, your website must have clean navigation that allows them to easily find the information they need. The information presented on the site must be clear and legible. To avoid distractions, stick to just using 1 – 2 fonts on your website.


Remove Distractions from Your Website

Sometimes, sales don’t come in because your website has too many distractions. If there are a lot of distractions, your customers’ attention will be sway away and they will be less interested in exploring your product. Examples of distractions that can appear on your website are ads, distracting images, and flash navigation. Keeping the website plain and simple is the best way to achieve conversion.


Use Video to Promote Your Products

Almost every famous brand has appeared in videos on the social platform like YouTube. Not only should you focus on your online store dominating the search result but you should also make videos that dominate the search result. When you first start out in creating videos, you may not get many views. However, you should not give up and keep on uploading new videos until you build up a loyal audience.


You will need to invest in a tool like Movavi Video Converter to compress the video you record so that it can be uploaded fast to YouTube. The software supports a drag and drop interface that let you load the video you want to convert by dropping it in the file drop zone. Once the video is loaded, you can select the file format in the video tabs below and press the Convert button. When you click on Open in Editor, you can access a built-in editor to make edits like cropping, add text, and trimming. Get more details here.


Test Different Types of Call to Actions

Usually, the first call to action you use will not help you achieve your goal. Ask any successful business marketer and they will tell you that you have to test various types of call to actions. When creating CTA, use words that have a psychological effect on the customer such as yes. You should make use of your analytics and check which CTA is getting the highest performance.


Build Up Reviews for Your Products

Having a lot of reviews on your product is important. People are more inclined to buy when they see other people are buying a product. You can list your product on popular sites that are common for people to find reviews when they want to buy something, for example, Amazon. If you can build a lot of organic positive reviews, you will surely see an increase in your sales.


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