Choosing a Specialization for Your Online MBA

In the previous post, we’ve talked about how to pursue an online MBA and complete the course faster. Today’s best online MBA schools such as Northeastern University allow students to get a degree in as little as 12 months. Speed, however, is not the only thing to focus on when pursuing an online MBA. According to recent studies, you can make your online degree more valuable by focusing on a specific field of study.

Companies are expecting graduates to have the necessary skills to be effective in a particular industry. If you want to advance in your career as a marketing specialist, for example, enrolling in a course with classes in internet marketing, content marketing and other specific subjects will help you get to the next level faster. These specific fields also make the online MBA degree more valuable in the eyes of employers.

Northeastern University’s Master of Business Administration Online Program

To learn more about choosing the right school and major, be sure to check out How to Choose the Right School for Your Career Path infographic by


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