Interesting Career Choices for Someone with a Bachelors in Business

For years and years everyone wanted that coveted MBA but few, until they were actually accepted into grad school, understood exactly what the purpose of a Master’s in Business Administration actually was. Actually, the MBA was devised to add a business perspective for those students with other majors who wanted to work their way into administration within their chosen field. For this reason, many entry level careers with an online bachelors in business have a lot of room for growth in terms of both salary and job classification.

If you are studying at a school like Arizona State University, you will get a wonderful foundation in the principles of business management. With this online business degree you can find an interesting career without going to grad school. That option is always open to you, but you don’t need it to find an awesome career path with just a four year degree. Consider some of the following.

Banking and Finance

If you are into banking and financial matters, an online business administration degree can take you into working as a bank manager or in the field of corporate finance. Both of these are lucrative careers with a better than adequate salary and the potential for growth. Corporate finance has so many job definitions within the field that it will never be a boring career. Fast moving and highly profitable, if you are into working in the world of corporate finance, a bachelor’s degree is more than sufficient for an entry level position.

Real Estate and Private Equity

While many broker or sales agent can do well in the fields of real estate and private equity, someone with an online business administration degree can propel their career straight to the top. Real estate brokers have expertise in buying and selling properties, but few come equipped to set up large land development companies, real estate investment brokerages or even real estate funds for part of a 401k plan. There are so many ways in which a business degree prepares you for real and private equities that you would be amazed at just how much you can earn and how far up the corporate ladder you can climb.

Marketing in the 21st Century

Although marketing is by no means a new career, technology is changing the face of marketing, demanding a highly educated professional that really understands how to make technology work for them. Many marketers dabble in technology to do statistical analyses, but who do you think it is devising the method of obtaining those metrics? With a degree in business administration you can work within the market to collect valuable data in order to do a statistical analysis. Some say this field is the perfect blend of science and prescience. You use mathematical data to do a prediction for the future and you learn how to use technology to make those forecasts almost in real time as data is collected.

There are so many interesting career choices open to you with a business degree that you can get your feet wet in your chosen industry prior to studying an MBA, if that’s what you really want to do.


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