The Time To Market Is Now – Where To Start?

Lockdown is mostly over, and in many countries across the world the greenlight has been given to reopen business and start efforts to return to a ‘new normal’ – many may have neglected marketing or been running a ghost campaign over the past two or three months, as such may now be the perfect time to reinvigorate your marketing campaign and kickstart your business growth once again. So where to start?


  1. Understand new constraints and restrictions – There have been plenty of noticeable changes over the past two or three months – many may be related to health and safety, others to regulation, and it’s important to note what you can and cannot do, and adjust your campaign accordingly.


A perfect example here can be seen in recent changes to the mobile gaming and many regulations around it – one of which is an initiative called Gamstop aimed at the betting and casino sector, in a bid to reduce the number of problem gamblers that had been expected to grow during the pandemic, it had been made mandatory for operators to register or be at risk of losing their gaming license – as such many have chosen to register outside of the country, this list shows them and it continues to grow – but it serves as a great example of how marketing approaches can change based on the regulation changes too.


  1. Engage your audience – If you’ve been running a lower capacity campaign or have just been running silent for the past two or three months, now is the time to engage and let your customers know that you’re open and how you’re operating. Communicate any rule or restriction changes, changes to opening or operating hours etc – without doing so, many simply may not know that you’re reopening – communicate, and be open – it’s time to recapture your audience.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little more – These are tough times, recovery may look difficult and asking too much from your customer base may also seem like the wrong way to go about things as they may also be struggling – but it’s important to understand that many will be willing to support you, if compromise can be found in certain aspects of your business operations your customers may be open to you asking for just a little more to support getting your legs back underneath you.

Explore new ad options – It’s clear that conversions are down as an impact of the current crisis, but this has provided a number of opportunities for spending – many forms of marketing and advertising are now much cheaper as the demand has fallen off, change will occur in time causing these to bounce back and as such if you’re able to secure your strategy within this lower cost you may be able to take huge advantage during the recovery without emptying your pockets too much – with few businesses investing in their marketing during this crisis, your business may stand out amongst the competition by doing so.



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